3 Reason interesting reasons why MSP’s Raw Fermented Organic Coconut Oil works?

  1. Process
  2. No heat
  3. Batches made on order

1. Process

Our process uses the fresh coconut milk from the popo (old coconut that has fallen from the coconut tree). We then let the coconut milk ferment for 24 – 48hours allowing the oil to naturally rise to the top. There is no heat in this process at all, we then extract the oil carefully from the top. Meaning all the nutrients remain in the oil, giving you the highest health benefits both internally and externally on your skin and hair.

2. No heat

Heat, is used in some oils under 41-42 degrees celsius, to heat up the pengu (grated coconut flesh) allowing the producer to label their product RAW and/or Cold Pressed,  if you know your oils you can definitely taste, the difference between pure and heated oil, oils that are heated also go rancid very quickly. (how to tell my oil is rancid will be coming soon)

3. Batches made on order, allows us to have fresh oil for you, so oil placed on the shelf ready for you to buy is no older than 2-3weeks at the most. This gives you the ultimate health benefit you seek in coconut oil.

Stay tuned our next blog how to tell my oil is rancid.





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