Ulu Prawn Beetroot Fritter

Recipe by Becks Mercer

Show your friends your chef skills with our Ulu Prawn Beetroot Fritter, is a great paleo power food snack to create for your gluten free family members or your crossfit freak friends. It is easy to create, only takes 10mins, great for your summer platter, when friends are over for the afternoon. It will be the talk of the afternoon!


1/2 cup of Ulu (breadfruit) flour

2 Beetroot

2 Carrots

1/2 of prawns

Fresh Basil and Mint

4 Free Range Eggs

Tablespoon of Maiden South Pacific Fermented Organic Coconut Oil


Method is shown on our video coming soon.

Enjoy being the Chef.




2 thoughts on “Ulu Prawn Beetroot Fritter

    1. Hi Tania, it’s half a cup of prawns.

      Method is

      Grate carrot and beetroot
      Put in bowl add egg and breadfruit flour
      Mix it all
      Chop prawns and add them in

      Create patties and cook in coconut oil.

      Hope this helps.


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